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Start Up Bundle.

Planning to launch your startup? Not sure how and where to start? We are your partners from ideation to delivery!.We offer end-to-end start-up services for all venture-some start-ups that wish to empower the world with their best-in-class services. We offer tailor-made professional solutions to give start-ups a head start at the beginning of their corporate journey.If you have an idea, we have the tools! Let’s make it all about your brand.


Our Bundle

Logo Design

Website Design

Website Prototype on IDEA

UI/UX Design Android on IDEA

Mobile App Android Prototype on IDEA

UI/UX Design IOS on IDEA

Mobile App IOS Prototype on IDEA

Cloud Hosting

Didital Marketing

Investor Connects

MVC Guidance

Monotinization Model

Investore Pitch Deck

Market Research Assistance 

Content RemoDelling

Connect to mentor

Go To Market Stratagy 








Funded Startups

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