Quality Management

Well, modern organization depends on IT service quality management to gain consumer satisfaction. In Vmoksha, we ensure that the product that the client produces is of higher quality. Our testing team leverages their years of experience to ensure that there is no risk in your system. Moreover, they keep on monitoring so that whenever any bug is detected, fixed quickly.

We believe that quality product is essential to assure that the business excels in meeting the customer needs. Thus, IT service quality management is vital for the continuous growth and improvement of any business. Here, we follow several quality control principles to ensure that your business meets the customer expectations. Our solution goes under a rigorous testing process to assure that the client doesn’t face any problem.

In Vmoksha, we have a team to identify the problems by making use of the Root cause Analysis Techniques. Under this, there are two effective tools 5-why Analysis and Fisherbone Analysis. These techniques solve the issues from its root to stop any future disruption. Our service quality management team keeps on monitoring the service they offer to the clients.

Vmoksha’s main aim is to provide clients with a service of higher quality rather than minimal. We started our journey with a motto ‘maintain quality and retain clients.’ With our exceptional service, we keep excelling in our deliverables. We follow up on the way to fix any issues before the customer detects it. Moreover, we highly focus on customer interaction, as providing satisfaction supports us in achieving success.

Before providing any products to the customer, we make a clear understanding of their requirements and providing quality services. We highly tend to focus on the timely services, server, attentiveness, and friendliness. Our team here maintains the accuracy and speed of delivering the products with accurate measurements.

We aim at providing the customer with a quality solution that helps in achieving success and competitive advantages. Well, we focus on providing the customer with the service of exceptional quality without any risk. Further, we attempt to provide the customer with a solution that is friendly and helpful. Every employee in Vmoksha puts their effort into making sure that the quality provided to the clients doesn’t lack behind. Here, we leverage our effort in providing the customer with exceptional experience within the deadline.

Well, Our IT service quality management assures that the organization stakeholders work together. Thus, this will improve the company’s process, service, and culture to achieve long-term success. Our team ensures that the services and products they serve are of a higher standard. Well, our quality improvement methods include three components: process improvement, people-based improvement, and product improvement.

Vmoksha accredited by Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute as a CMMi Level 5 company in 2003. Highlights of Vmoksha’s CMMi accreditation:
2nd company in the world to be assessed for all the 4 disciplines of CMMi

Software Engineering.

System Engineering.

Supplier Sourcing.

Integrated Process and Product Development

1st company in the world to directly go for CMMi level 5 assessment without being assessed at
intermediate levels.

Got assessed at level 5 within 2 years of start of operations.