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Application Testing Offerings

Applications have become an integral part of business growth or organization development. In Vmoksha, our expertise delivers applications that went under rigorous software testing and quality assurance. Moreover, to ensure that the user worldwide achieves the quality application experience, we offer a wide range of application testing services. Our solution authentic solution is for both mobile and Web. Here, we provide our clients with polished design, seamless performance, and hassle-free function.

We have earned our name in the market as the leading application and software testing company. Our experts utilize their domain and QA expertise to offer clients with the software testing solutions to improve the performance. Well, our mobile or web application tester uses holistic testing approaches helps in crafting seamless running application. Whether your business needs a mobile web application, mobile application, automation, or security testing, we offer all. We deliver our clients with the customized application along with all the necessary services to meet all the requirements.

Keeping in mind about the client's requirements, we offer our clients with end-to-end web application testing solutions. Well, to maintain the clarity and ensure maximum convenience, our testing teams work directly with the client and manages the whole application lifecycle.

Web application testing service

Vmoksha offers clients the best web application testing services for different platforms, like Windows, macOS, iOS, and android. With our services, we assure security, stability, compatibility, quality, and stability. Well, each of our Quality Assurance tests is directed towards inspecting the elements like syntax errors, links, databases, and others. Thus, this ensures that the application runs seamlessly across all the browsers. Starting from a single page static website to the complex one, we assure the accuracy of effortlessly. Well, it's our QA team who will construct a plan for each web project, considering it as a unique characteristic and customer preference. It's our consultant tester provides advice about how to improve the software products. Our team has vast experience in serving many internationally acclaimed companies. Moreover, we will assist you in running an application that is bug-free and easy to handle.

Software Hi-tech
Software Hi-tech

Mobile application testing service

Well, our mobile application testing services designed appropriately for testing the Hybrid iOS and Android applications across different mobile models. Moreover, we have experienced team who leverage their knowledge of the current tools and frameworks to provide you with solutions. We have a QA analyst to test various components of applications like sequence, visual elements, and others to ensure accuracy. Well, we deliver application testing services to fulfill all the requirements. For ensuring that the application works right and matches your expectations, we test it across various devices before handing over to the clients. Thus, this will increase the focus and efficiency of your application. Well, this service is time-saving and cost-effective.

Here, with our authentic services, we help you in detecting errors at the early stage. Our application tester will help you in improving the quality of your mobile and web apps. Our service enables you to run the test concurrently among the multiple desktop browsers or devices. Thus, this assists in speeding up the execution of your test suite and generates your videos to assist you in quickly identifying the issues. We make use of the best frameworks for testing the applications and help the organization in gaining competitive advantages. By automating the test, we will help you to detect the issues and solve all the problems before it turns major. Moreover, we provide our clients with the daily test report to keep them updated about the project's progress. Enterprise application is the backbone of much profitable business across different industries. We have a proficient QA team for supporting the infrastructure and processes to optimize the testing of the business application. Across various industries, we have successfully tested the Web-based projects to bring benefits to the business. We offer our clients with trustworthy service that assists in detecting defects and avoiding reworks after the integration test. With our service, we ensure that the product is handy and quite easy to use to reach the target audience.

Well, our team will make sure that your backend functions are working correctly and fulfilling user needs to the fullest. Our team assures clients with high quality and efficient app, which ensures its release on time. We aim to create a robust and collaborative environment for the whole test automation community. As per the requirements, we customized the application. Our team makes use of the updated technologies to develop your application and ensure that it gains your competitive advantages. With our services, we will help you to overcome all the challenges and adds value to your business. We make use of the extensive range of testing tools to provide the end-user with a seamless and excellent experience. We deliver our clients with top quality and speedy web application
testing services to fulfill their needs.